Ataturk Blasphemy Challenge: Was Mustafa Kemal REALLY Gay?


This video attempts to rationally answer the question of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s alleged homosexuality, and how this controversy resulted in Youtube being blocked in Turkey. Please note that this is not part of the Gay-Turk Gay-Greek ongoing flame-war.


  1. Defender said

    yes, this is %100 true. dictator Mustafa Kemal was a Gay Jew. This was even recorded during his time. The Turkish authors and historians have openly written that he was gay and he was attracted to boys rather than women. his wife Latifa’s private memoirs are not exposed because Latifa knew Mustafa Kemal was gay, and she wrote in her diaries about that.

    There are very harsh laws still today in turkey that prevent people from speaking up about dictator Mustafa Kemal of what they know. The pro-zionist secular government is afraid the Muslim turks will wake up and realize that they are brainwashed for years.

  2. alex said

    to Defender: “brainwashed” ??? what on earth do you mean? i would use that term if we would find that someone like the president of iran is actually gay (while he condemns gays to public executions), but Ataturk’s ideas were all about freedom and INDIVIDUAL freedom, full rights for women and so on. he was very open minded for his time and made turkey into the modern country it is today. i really dont think that his alleged homosexuality would make him a hypocrite. quite the contrary actually ­čśë

  3. TURK said

    Atat├╝rk is the most leader in world

    fuck this make videos

  4. girl said

    gercekten dogru soyluyosunuz. hep ataturkun yuzunden turkiye bu durumda butun insanlar yoldan izden cikmisssss. bitch ataturk. adinin ataturk oldugu bile malum mustafa adi bile onun gercek adi degil. ben turk olaraktan ataturku hic ama hic sevmiyorum cunku o bir yahuddi ve butun muslumanlari kandirmissss.. gicikkkkkk insan ataturk . insan bile diyemiyorum onun icin.. :@

  5. MetS said

    I think this is a way of dividing the Turkish republic. Starting controversy like this will divide the people. I dont really care wether Mustafa Kemal(THE CONQUEROR OF “THE FAGGOT BRITISH EMPIRE” was a homo-sexual or not. At the end of the day he’s our founding father, and he also defeated British,Australian,French,Greek And even more allied forces in the Gallipoli war. He left Turkey in a state where the turks are not being raped by american soldiers like the rest of the arab world. This whole thing is just another illuminati virus inserted into a country it couldnt invade and take over easily (like most arab countries). He may of declared Turkey a secular state but the majority of turks are MUSLIM anyway, he just gave the people choice ­čÖé So unlucky Winston Churchill…. funny how they dont teach everyones kids his embarrasing defeat to the hands of Mustafa Kemal….. LOST TO THE “DECLINING” TURKS… so like i say if he was gay… he still done what no other man could… DEFEAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER

  6. aaa said

    turks are gay, ottoman sex=gay sex for sex industry

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