Masonic Dictator Mustafa Kemal Was Jewish, Here’s The Proof


  1. someone said

    if you had history knowledge, you weren’t say that.Any high school student know that. you jelous Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK because you don’t have such great leader… If you searched about it, you wouldn’t say that. ıf you don’t have history knowledge, don’t talk about it anymore and don’t lie about him. your video doesn’t show the truth…ıf you want to prepare a video about Atatürk, first find out his aphorism…

  2. someone said

    atatürk says that” all muslims in the world should follow the bahivors of the prophet of muslims, Hz muhammed. the rules of Islam must be obeyed so people can devalop and escape.”(Atatürk, Nedim Senbai, A.Ü. language, history, geography yay.., page. 102,1979 )
    while he was praising atatürk, şemsettin günaltay was araund him. he tells us the event:
    ”he look the map where the table . The map was drowen by him. the map showed the place of the Bedir War. the map was showing the place step to step.” people who doesn’t belive that Hz. muhammed is a prophet must look this map and learn Bedir epic.”
    world knows how big leader he is, what do you say? you’re still sleeping. turkish world never belive lies and we- the turkish teens will continue to follow atatürk. and we will show the truth to people and you morons.

  3. Measures said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Measures!!

  4. an_expert_on_jews said

    There has been a lot of groups named “Young this” or “Young that” along history. Jeune France, Giovine Italia, Joven España, Junges Deutschland,
    etc. etc.

    All and everyone of this groups, was founded by jew-masons.
    All of then only had one objetive: conquer the gobernement of the nation.
    All ours countries, europeans or turkey, are ruled by jews. (Sarkozy is a jew, for example.)

    Very sad but true. All of you that indignate so much, study history of jew-masons, no only in Turkey, but every country in the world.

  5. atajew said

    Ataturk= Hitlers surrogate father!

  6. WolfOfTheNation said

    Ataturk was not a anti-Muslim nor is he a Jew, he saw the future a place where if the Turkish still wrote with the Arabic Alphabet the nation would be a extremist group of Muslim’s, Atheists or Multitheists. At least now there are isnt a large majority of any. He also did this to show all the nations which had tried to take over the Ottoman Empire that we are not just a continued version of that. We are a new nation a stronger and more stable. We are The Republic of Turkey.

  7. WolfOfTheNation said

    and the dude that made the youtube video…… i can just post a video on youtube writing that a man in china has lived over 1,000 years just because he drank heaps of salt water and now he has the ability to control time itself…… that’s pretty much what you;re doing. Give us hard evidence that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said that.

  8. Nineteen said

    Lets say that Ataturk is Jews, So what? What is wrong with Jews? At least is not Armenian!!!

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