The Zionist Crypto-Jewish Sabbatean/Frankist illuminati

In 1666, Jewish Messianic contender, Shabbatai Tzvi, was imprisoned by the Turkish Sultan and given a choice: Convert to Islam or die. After three days, Shabbatai Tzvi decided to convert to Islam. After his apostasy, most of his supporters labeled him an impostor and rejected him. His conversion, however, had a positive impact on many Jews around the world who went into hiding after the Spanish expulsion of 1492. Marranos, Conversos, Crypto-Jews, et. al., maintained their devotion to Shabbetai Tzvi. Tzvi’s decision to convert actually strengthened their allegiance to him.

Together with the remnant of Tzvi’s Jewish adherents, these messianic followers would form an underground network and secretly continue to advance Shabbatai Tzvi’s mission. Through infiltration, stealth and cunning, this invisible network has come to rule us all. Forty-one years after Shabbatai Tzvi’s death, in 1717, they would infiltrate Masonry guilds in England and establish Freemasonry. Based upon the Noachide laws of the Talmud, Freemasonry allowed the Sabbatean sympathizers to live an elite yet mystical and meaningful life working towards the establishment of a one-world government based upon the Universal Yahwehism preached by Shabbatai Tzvi and his followers particularly Jacob Frank. Frank would have a great impact on the inner core of Freemasonry formed in 1776, known as the Illuminati. Freemasonry would become the hidden force behind events like the French and American revolutions, the creations of the U.N. & Israel, both World Wars (including the Holocaust!), and the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers who, together with their father, tried to thwart the efforts of the network on American soil.


  1. S.akila said

    Three lessons to draw on the Global blackboard :

    – Progroms make humans become dangerous bastards. They have their own, we all have our own. Small Vietnam has won over giant USA. EU is biased to hell.
    – Never compel a human being to embrace a religion other than his original one.
    – Jews like other humans may live anywhere, they are not all Zionists. They might well have been accomplice in 9/11or behind Armenian genocide. What does this change ? We need to move forward on human basis for justice and stop any .

  2. alan paron dithers said

    I thought you might be interested in learning about OUR Jewish traditions which embrace the real Christ. We are the Frankist Association of America. One of our members has a new book out:

    These are our teachings passed on through generations. If you can’t afford the book you can see the website of one of our teachers –


    Beth El Jacob Frank

  3. karl Stieglitz said

    what these people and organisation did to the kennedy family, and to millions of families throughout european and american history, slaughtering them through world wars and enslaving them in vicious cut throat capitalist crypto-dictatorships or outright brutal communist dictatorships all proves they cannot be reasoned with, and cannot be accomodated, to stop them they must taste their own medicine and methods!

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