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The following quotation is from the remarkable book “The Secret Jews”, which was authored by Dr. Joachim Prinz and published by Random House in 1973.

Page 122:

“..The revolt of the Young Turks in 1908 against the authoritarian regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid began among the intellectuals of Salonika. It was from there that the demand for a constitutional regime originated. Among the leaders of the revolution which resulted in a more modern government in Turkey were Djavid Bey and Mustafa Kemal. Both were ardent ‘doenmehs’ [Jew]. Djavid Bey became minister of finance; Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new regime and he adopted the name of Ataturk. His opponents tried to use his ‘doenmeh’ background to unseat him, but without success. Too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had as their real prophet Shabtai Zvi, the Messiah of Smyrna.”

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About Dictator Mustafa Kemal’s Reforms

The below video is part of a Newsreel produced in United States of America in 1930’s during Jewish Dictator Mustafa Kemal’s harsh rule. See how even the westerners who backed up Mustafa Kemal and his secular followers with their taking over islamic Ottoman Empire and founding a lay state, portrayed him as a “dictator”. Then, just imagine how the Muslims would think of him!

(The below video is from

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The Rothschilds and Zionists Constructed Armenian Holocaust


575 Page E-book on the Zionist constructed Armenian Genocide.

Emmanuel Carraso: B’nai B’rith Official of Italian origin. Grand Master of the Macedonia Resurrected Masonic Lodge in Salonika; Established the ‘secret’ Committee of Union & Progress in Salonika in 1890.

Talaat Pasha (1874-1921): Thought to be a Turk but in reality a “Donmeh Jew.” Interior Minister of Turkey during World War I; Member of Carasso’s Masonic lodge and Grand Master of the Scottish Rite Masons in Turkey; Chief architect of the Armenian Holocaust and Director of Deportations. He wrote, “By continuing the deportation of the Armenians to their destinations during the intense cold we are ensuring their eternal rest.”

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Zionists, Rothschilds, Oil and the Armenian Genocide


Further on Mr. Brewda says: “During the Young Turk regime, Carasso continued to play a leading role. He met with the Sultan, to tell him that he was overthrown. He was in charge of putting the Sultan under house arrest. He ran the Young Turk intelligence network in the Balkans. And he was in charge of all food supplies in the empire during World War I.” It is ironic that five centuries after the Turkish Sultans welcomed the expelled European Jews into Turkey, certain Jews belonging to secret societies and to Zionism will kick the Sultans out of power early in 20th century, destroy the Ottoman Empire, and celebrate their victory by massacring by proxy almost the whole Christian Armenian people, one million and half Armenians; half million Greeks; and half million Christian Assyrians & Arameans.

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Freemason Dictator Mustafa Kemal Was Jewish, Here’s The Proof

Mustafa Kemal, the dictator of Turkey was a Jew. And here is the Proof, from the most reliable source-Himself.

Turkey’s Gay Dictator Mustafa Kemal was a Zionist Jew

To this date, there is extreme confusion among Muslims and non-Muslims alike regarding who was dictator Mustafa Kemal, who was a British Agent. Recently, yet another evidence has revealed that Mustafa Kemal, the ruthless dictator of Turkey, was not only a non-muslim doenmeh, but a secret descendant of Jewish false messiah Sabbatai Zwi! The evidence comes not from tracing his genealogy, but from the statements he himself made. Check out the following:

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Jewish Founders of Modern (Secular) Turkey

Secular Republic of Turkey was Founded by Secret Jews

Subject: It’s time to learn the truth about Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal and the current oppressive Secular (Kemalist) regime in Turkey. The secret Jews, called Doenmeh, took over the power after the fall of Ottoman rule and they brainwash the people of Turkey from that time on. The below article clarifies many things.

Source: Kulanu quarterly newsletter, Summer 1999, Volume 6 Number 2

(Kulanu is an organization which reflects the community of interests of individuals of varied backgrounds and religious practices dedicated to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people)

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