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Ataturk Blasphemy Challenge: Was Mustafa Kemal REALLY Gay?


This video attempts to rationally answer the question of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s alleged homosexuality, and how this controversy resulted in Youtube being blocked in Turkey. Please note that this is not part of the Gay-Turk Gay-Greek ongoing flame-war.

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Ataturk the Jew


Ataturk the Jew..

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Freemason Dictator Mustafa Kemal Was Jewish, Here’s The Proof

Mustafa Kemal, the dictator of Turkey was a Jew. And here is the Proof, from the most reliable source-Himself.

Turkey’s Gay Dictator Mustafa Kemal was a Zionist Jew

To this date, there is extreme confusion among Muslims and non-Muslims alike regarding who was dictator Mustafa Kemal, who was a British Agent. Recently, yet another evidence has revealed that Mustafa Kemal, the ruthless dictator of Turkey, was not only a non-muslim doenmeh, but a secret descendant of Jewish false messiah Sabbatai Zwi! The evidence comes not from tracing his genealogy, but from the statements he himself made. Check out the following:

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